Messaging Services



NGN CORP is a GSMA certified Open Connectivity SMS Hub and Roaming Broker. 

We provide A2P SMS connectivity with wide international SMS coverage and  real-time monitoring and reporting capabilities, in a secure and  transparent environment. 

Our platform acts as a single connectivity access point to global A2P SMS market, through SMPP, HTTP API and Web Interface. 

We  are currently  serving Mobile Network Operators, global resellers,  brands and OTT (Over the Top) providers for corporate communication,  security alerts and notifications.


Bulk SMS

NGN CORP  offers  the latest Bulk SMS  technologies to its customers with the ability of  sending SMS and Viber messages all over the world, through its direct  and indirect connection with operators and aggregators.

Our  Platform operates through its Bulk Messaging portal used by  individuals, companies, shops, application developers, and others for  the purpose sending Bulk SMS.


Available Segmentation for promotional campaigns: 

Age – Sex – Class – Location 


Enterprise messaging

Our Enterprise Messaging platform is able to deliver your messages at cost efficient prices to worldwide destinations without asking you for minimum monthly volume commitments.

We  act as an Intermediary agent between institutions/individuals and a  mobile operator, we support all messaging features as applicable, and  help you avoid the complexities that could arise when working with Bulk  SMS mobile messaging services. 

As a Bulk SMS messaging provider, we are able to deliver the messages that  you send via our system to any operator network worldwide in a fast and  cost-efficient way, based on a highly reliable and secure connectivity  infrastructure. 


Reseller program

NGN CORP  offers a fully-customizable private-label program for resellers of SMS services. 

It  includes a fully banded portal with complete visibility over own  customers and a comprehensive set of detailed reports that eases the  management of the daily activities of the business.

SMS connectivity models

 We offer you two types of connections to our SMS gateway:

  • SMPP 
  • HTTP interface (API) over SSL

Both being well tested, secure, user friendly and easy to manage.  

Below you can find more info about the connectivity technical parameters and platform specs.


Messaging platform technical and security specs

SMPP Client Connection Form (docx)


SMS Platform Technical/Security specs (pptx)


Description of REST API (pdf)